Our History

Richert Quarles P.A. has its roots in the law school orientation session attended by John Richert and Patrick Quarles. Throughout their time in law school, and even studying for the bar, John and Patrick realized they did their best work when they put their heads together. After spending 10 hours per day together for 2 and a half months studying for the bar exam, they realized they could handle each other’s company for the extended hours associated with the practice of law.

John founded the firm in 2013 as John Richert P.A.. At the time he worked closely with two other experienced attorneys, one a former judge, and both of which had decades of experience in their practice areas- which included financial industry regulation and civil litigation. John’s mentor Kevin Carreno had an intimate knowledge of the financial industry, its regulation, licensing, and disciplinary procedures. John worked closely with Kevin on cases in all these areas of the financial industry. However, starting this firm gave him greater control over how to practice, which clients to take, and it let him put his M.B.A. to work- starting his own business has always been one of John’s goals.

After working at a firm that practiced almost exclusively in estate planning and probate, Patrick joined the firm and the name was changed to Richert Quarles P.A. Patrick enabled the firm to expand its practice areas to estate planning and probate. Patrick and John have found that by practicing in estate planning, probate, and litigation that they provide comprehensive representation to their clients. By collaborating with each other, and taking a team approach with their clients, Richert Quarles P.A. is more than just the sum of its parts.

In 2016, Richert Quarles P.A. opened a permanent office in the Summit Executive Center in Clearwater, FL.

John and Patrick both adhere to a philosophy that puts clients first and strives to provide our clients with legal representation that fits their needs. Richert Quarles P.A. was founded with the following principles:

Communication – John and Patrick believe that great attorney-client communication is key to providing great representation to our clients. Great client communication means that emails are responded to, calls are returned within a reasonable amount of time, and appointment times are kept. John and Patrick want our clients to know what is going on in their probate administration, case, or legal problem. If a client has a question, John and Patrick want to provide the answer.
Value – Hiring an attorney is an expensive proposition. John and Patrick want to make sure that clients receive the full value of the services that they have paid for. The philosophy at Richert Quarles P.A. attempts to provide flat rate pricing whenever it is appropriate. This encourages the attorneys to work efficiently while providing clients with the piece of mind of an assured price for the work to be completed. For all representation, John and Patrick bill frequently and give clients routine updates, so there is no surprises on client bills.
Billing – Richert Quarles P.A. sends bills to clients on a monthly basis to make sure that clients do not receive any surprises. John and Patrick believe in transparent billing, and welcome any questions that clients may have.
Approachability – John and Patrick are approachable attorneys. With some firms, clients may feel like they are interrupting staff for taking the time out of their day in order to talk or meet with clients. During meetings clients may feel rushed or may feel like their attorney is not listening to their problem. John and Patrick don’t rush their clients. When a client or prospective client contacts Richert Quarles P.A., he or she will be connected directly with an attorney. John and Patrick believe that they are a member of a team with their clients and they want to work together to achieve the best outcome.

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