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Whether you have an established business or are planning on starting a business from scratch, our attorneys can assist you in the process. Contracts, leases, incorporation, LLC formation, and lawsuits are all part of doing business. Using an experienced attorney to assist your business can be the difference between a cordial, productive relationship between the parties or a lawsuit waiting to happen. It is always less expensive to involve an attorney early on in the formation of a business so that steps can be taken to ensure the management and ownership structure is formed in a way that matches the desires of the founders and eases any future conflict. A small investment in legal representation during the negotiation of a contract may help to prevent a costly and time consuming lawsuit between the parties in the future. Navigating the law is crucial for a successful business and our attorneys can help your business find its legal path.


Business Entity Formation

Choosing the right type of business entity and structure can make a significant difference in the operation of a business. Our attorneys can help you choose which type of business entity is right for you by explaining the different types of business entities and the pros and cons associated with each one. Some business entities provide more asset protection than others, while other entities offer a simpler administration process as well as insulation against liability. Sometimes, tax and organizational structure can determine the type of business entity that will work best. A consultation with our attorneys will provide you with valuable advice to get your business off the ground and in best position to achieve your goals.

The ownership structure is also important when incorporating a business, especially when there are multiple co-founders. Creating the right ownership structure for your business can help to prevent conflict between co-founders at the later stages of the development of your business. If co-founders or business owners are already in a dispute over running the business, an attorney can assist with finding a way to move past the disagreement and towards a more productive relationship.


Business Contracts

If you have an established business we can help you with your legal agreements and contracts. Our attorneys have experience drafting documents for businesses deals entering regulated markets to small establishments. We are more than happy to represent your business in dealing with complex or uncomfortable situations. Sometimes our outside perspective can help you spot potential liability, and give you or your business the best chance at success.

Sometimes business deals go bad and contracts are breached. Consulting with an attorney early on in a transaction can help you to plan for issues that may arise later on in a business relationship. Proper legal planning and drafting of documents may prevent litigation if a contract is breached or can put your business in a better position in the event that litigation arises. It is always less expensive to have a lawyer assist you or your business during the formative stages of a transaction than it is to be involved in litigation once a dispute has arisen. Our attorneys will provide you with valuable advice about any contract that your business is looking to execute and can also draft contracts for your business as well.


Demand Letters

Everyday people enter into agreements and contracts. These include written business agreements, installation agreements for home products, and verbal agreements for any number of products and services. We’ve helped people terminate leases and recovered money that included payments and lost value for faulty car repairs all from writing a letter and making a few phone calls.

Litigation is expensive and a demand letter can have great results and cost significantly less. Instead of moving directly to filing a lawsuit, consider your pre-litigation options. In some cases a demand letter is necessary to preserve certain rights.

Sometimes you just need a letter on an attorney’s letterhead to get results. While we can’t give you letterhead to use, we can consult with you to determine your rights and draft the letter on your behalf. This can lay a very important foundation that can set the tone for litigation if the opposing party is not responsive to the demand letter.

We know cost drives many decisions and we do not want you to unnecessarily spend money on litigation when a resolution can be reached by the parties beforehand. Demand letters are an economical way to test what the other side is willing to do. Often a demand letter can get a dialogue started, and get both sides to think carefully about an equitable resolution before litigation. Our attorneys provide effective demand letters so that your business may be able to resolve a dispute and move forward with doing business.


Our attorneys provide free consultations for any business law issue you have.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys to review your business law legal problem. During our consultation, we will review your legal issues and discuss possible solutions. If it’s forming your business, demanding payment from a customer that has not paid, drafting a contract, or filing a lawsuit, our attorneys may be able to assist you.


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